We are hosting a very special fundraising event

The event starts on Sunday the 30th September between 8am and 2pm and will help raise funds for a spinal operation for a 9yr old aspiring gymnast.

Phoebe has early onset scoliosis, and needs help to raise enough funds to receive an operation called V.B.T. (Vertebral Body Tethering).

Unfortunately this type of operation is unavailable on the NHS, so the family will need to go abroad, covering costs such as insurance, travel, accommodation & aftercare to name just a few.

A BBC news article talking about other families who have done the same can be found by clicking here.

The family have a Facebook page called "spinal surgery for PHE" which can be found here.
They also have a GoFundMe page found here

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The image on the left shows the currently available option on the NHS that will fuse the spine for life. It's an extremely invasive operation with many risks and would have to be performed at least twice.

The image to the right is the Vertebral Body Tethering option that is done by keyhole surgery. It is far less invasive and the risk of infection is massively reduced. Although it's still a major operation, it would only need to be done once and would leave full movement to the spine!

After the family Spoke to Phoebe's NHS specialist in early August 2018, he confirmed V.B.T. will be available on the NHS within a couple of years but Phoebe's curve is nearly at the limit for it to work. Hence the reason they are having to take her abroad for this life altering operation.